What features should Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles Structure System offer?

What features should Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles Structure System offer?

Players know the worth of a basketball court and hence the floor. Besides spacing, the floor is of great importance, whether it's a professional or a home basketball court. Since the floor provides the players a medium to run around and navigate, the floor should be class apart if raising good players and sports activity is the aim.

Besides many other factors, the structure system of the court's tiles holds tremendous significance when constructing an outdoor basketball court. The presence of specific features renders the quality that makes these tiles fit for rigorous physical activity.

If you are revamping your court, this blog post is for you. We explain the features of the outdoor basketball court tiles structure system in detail to help to select the best.

Features that Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles Structure System Offer

ZS floor brings you the best basketball court tiles with rip-roaring features. These are technically designed to make the perfect, long-lasting floor aiding the game and keeping the players safe. Following are the features that outdoor basketball court tiles by ZS floor offer.

Thermal Expansion System

These features of the structure system of tiles prevent the floor from expanding thermally in extreme conditions. The floor, therefore, does not bulge.

Flexible Connection System

This helps the tile react to the temperature change smartly. This prevents bulging and other physical changes when the tiles cannot tackle the temperature rise.

Cold Shrinkage System

This consists of eight elastic sheets laterally posted to prevent crack formation in the court. Cracks occur during freezing temperatures.

Buffering System

ZS floor tech has produced excellent basketball court tiles. Since the floor is continuously subjected to strenuous activity, they must have enough strength to bear the shock. The bottom of the tiles is therefore laced with a shock absorber to handle the impact of the shock. These ties have a remarkable shock-absorbing capacity.

The 32 giant cushions with wavy patterns are perfect for absorbing shock.

Non-Slip Surface

The sun-textured surfaces of the basketball court tiles are great against slipping. They provide a good hold and thus render the tile an anti-slipping or non-slip surface. The non-slip feature is of great worth because slipping often causes severe injuries.

Install these tiles and eliminate operational risks like slipping.

All-Weather Use

As already discussed, ZS Floor tech is committed to excellence and tirelessly works on different dimensions to yield a quality product. An outdoor court means continuous exposure to all weather conditions, whether harsh or mild.

The tiles should therefore be stout enough to bear the weather conditions gracefully. ZS floor basketball tiles have flexible connections design, making them perfectly fit for all weather conditions.


The highly engineered basketball court tiles by ZS floor have a structured system that renders outstanding features to the tiles. These features, like a Thermal expansion system, Cold Shrinkage system, flexible connection system, and many others, ensure a product with a high degree yield and longer shelf life besides safety.