Most Amazing Tricks to Make You Vaping Professional

Most Amazing Tricks to Make You Vaping Professional

If you want to be called a pro vaper or just want to get some amazing skills about vaping then no need to visit different vaping platforms and waste time. Now, you can just act like a professional vaper just with the help of the best working vaping POD and some additional tricks.

The thing you must have to make sure of is that vaping can be improved efficiently if you have a powerful pod system kit. After getting a perfect product, now you are ready to practice amazing and interesting vaping tricks that can make you a vaping professional. Given are some related content for a vaping beginner:

Advanced POD Vaping Tricks

You have seen different celebrities practicing amazing pod vaping tricks just like a professional. You can also do that trick but you must have to know some basics to be a skilled vaper. Given mentioned tricks will help you to move ahead from a beginner to a vaping master:

O-Shaped Rings

The most interesting and advanced pod vaping trick is the creation of O-shaped rings. It's simple and you just have to take a long breath of the vaping product and then store the vape in your throat.

Now, you have to press your tough down and make your lips like an O shape. Try to push the vape out of your throat slowly. This is how you can practice O-shaped rings vaping.

Smoke from Nose & Edges of Mouth

This pod vaping trick is the most unique but rare practice that is the extraction of vape from the edges of the mouth and nose, how cool it is. For this, you just have to get the wave in your mouth as long as you can and then you have to exhale it by putting force at both sides of your nose and the mouth at the exact time.

Waterfall Vaping

Wanna look extra cool and be called a pod vaping master, this vaping trick is for you. Firstly you have to get the web in your mouth as long as you can and then you have to stretch your lower jaw in such a way that you are biting someone. Then let your mouth open slowly so that the vape can float out. For inhaling the wafting vape, take help from your nose.

Bending Rings

Rings are no doubt the most initial trick that every beginner tends to learn but have you listened about bending rings? They are just like simple rings but with a little twist. Firstly you have to make an O ring and then you have to move the cloud away using your hands gradually.

Make sure that instead of pushing the ring away from you, you have led the ring in a changed direction. You have to be extra careful as the ring will break if pushed hard.

Jellyfish Vaping

If you are willing to pull off a large amount of vapor then you can move ahead with the jellyfish vaping trick. Firstly, you must know how to make vaping rings. Make an O ring and then push the ring away using your hands so that the ring can be increased in size.

Now, you have to make a cloud of vapor that can be blown out from that ring. You have to make sure first that the cloud can be passed from the center of the ring. This will create a jellyfish-like structure.

Mushroom Cloud

For the creation of a mushroom cloud, you have to inhale a large quantity of vapor and then create a ring. Enhance the size of the ring by pushing it with your hands and then it's time to blow a vapor stream into the ring. This steam will be wrapped by the ring and a mushroom cloud will be formed.

To Conclude

Vaping has always been considered the most interesting and amazing practice, especially for those who have gotten great skills in this regard. If you are a beginner and don't know much about pod vaping then there is a lot waiting for you. You just have to follow some tricks to practice advanced and interesting vaping ideas.